Harton are to increase the Pod range to cover capacities up to 15,000 litres.

The current range of Pods goes from 1100 to 10,000 litre, we can now offer two additional sizes of 12500 and 15,000 litre.

This will mean that the Pod can now be installed on bigger developments with greater demand.

Full details to follow soon

The Harton S-PODTo extend our range Harton have introduced the S-Pod.

The S-Pod is a GRP housing with a built in water storage tank and plant room, the housing is fully fitted out in our workshop with booster pumps, pipework, electrical controls, lighting, power and frost protection and delivered to site as the complete package.

The S-Pod is designed to be placed above ground on a pre-formed concrete base; services are supplied to the S-Pod for incoming mains, out-going boosted water and electrical power.

The S-Pod can be supplied in various different storage capacity’s and pump duty’s to meet the demand required on site, all units are bespoke to suit customers requirements.

All materials and pumps are WRAS approved; pumps are controlled by variable speed drives which can offer control of up to 8 pumps, energy efficiency, error log with date and time stamp, diagnostic menu to view temperature, current and quality of power.

BMS can be incorporated via the MODBUS interface as standard.

The S-Pod complements our well established Pod range of underground plant rooms with the flexibility to install above ground.

Harton supply boosted water underground pods for Myatts Fields.Harton Services Ltd have won the contract to supply 15 PODs for the prestigious Myatts Field Development, Regenter Myatts Field North Ltd is a Joint Venture between John Laing plc and Pinnacle Regeneration Group Ltd working in partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth. The key regeneration and longer term services to be provided to the Myatts Field North community are as follows:

  • Refurbishment of 172 tenanted, leasehold and freehold properties
  • Demolition and new build of 305 tenanted and leasehold properties
  • Additional 503 private properties including 146 additional affordable homes
  • New community centre and park
  • Repairs and maintenance services
  • Housing management services

Harton have worked closely with Higgins construction PLC and have already supplied 11 PODs to meet the required delivery dates. Project completion will be the delivery of a POD 7500 in June 2016.