Boosted Water Systems and Plumbing Units in Dartford

Established in 1947, Harton Services have provided prefabricated plumbing, heating and boosted water equipment to the construction industry for over sixty years.

Harton are leaders in innovative solutions, designing and building both standard and bespoke quality products to meet customers' specific requirements in Dartford, with designs fully covered by professional indemnity.

Pressure Booster Water Systems in Dartford

Harton Services supply pressure booster water systems in Dartford to supply pressurised mains water via boosted water pumps to residential and business premises.

Pressure boosting systems comprise water storage tanks, high-pressure pumps and controls to increase house water pressure to your home.

All pressure pump sets are fitted with the latest technology in variable speed drives to ensure Hartons are at the forefront of new developments in the field of pressure boosting.

Prefabricated Plumbing Units in Dartford

All Harton plumbing units are designed in conjunction with the Harton technical team to suit the customers requirements in Dartford and the variety of options in capacities, dimensions and overall specification is very wide indeed.

The Harton POD

  • Hartons are the original designers and developers of the unique Harton Pod.

  • Originally designed for a client who lacked above ground space in their development the Pod was developed by Hartons to provide a solution that was both innovative and space saving, the Pod supply’s wholesome water to residential and business premises.

  • The Harton Pod requires no planning permission and can be situated below roadways, parking bays and landscaped areas, saving on valuable above ground space.

  • The Harton Pod is WRAS approved.

  • Hartons work closely with Consultants and Construction companies throughout the U.K